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Top 100 Content Marketing Influencers 2016

KPS Digital has created a new list using Lumanu to identify the top 100 content marketing influencers this year. I am rather chuffed to be ranked 46th in a list populated with some of my favourite content creators.

We’ve used an innovative new influencer identification and relationship tool (Lumanu) to identify the Top 100 Content Marketing Influencers from 2016. The tool leverages the power of machine learning to find and analyse content that is consumed across blogs, articles and social to uncover the most influential thought leaders for any topic. Lumanu is unlike any other tool because it starts at the content layer and is able to identify influencers based on the relevance and performance (Domain Authority, views, social engagement) of the content they create for any specified topic. From their website: “It’s like Buzzsumo and Jarvis from Iron Man had a really, REALLY smart baby”


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