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Passle - the PR perspective

Kim Tasso, the excellent marketing and business development consultant, has written a good guide to using Passle.

The advantages of Passle for busy professionals are clear, and many professional services firms (and businesses outside the sector) have jumped aboard. We at Coast have been using Passle for almost a year, to great effect. 

There is an additional benefit to using Passle that is often overlooked.  Posts can be a rich source of ideas and content for PR activity. 

If an issue is worth Passling it is probably worth taking the insights created by an individual and sharing with the wider media. Content might be used as the source idea for a more detailed article, or more quickly as comment on a topical issue. 

If PRs are not already monitoring clients' Passle posts they should be. 

Writing a 300-600 word blog – starting with a blank sheet of paper – can be too arduous and time-consuming for a busy expert. But many experts are happy to comment on, select and curate or add their opinion to a topical news item or valuable content provided by others. Passle lets them do this easily. And on their phone. And in less than 10 minutes. So it’s an important content creation and distribution tool – helping achieve significant amplification of key messages.


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