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Employee Brand Advocacy and Passle

IBM's Andrew Grill mentions Passle in his article on Brand Advocacy, alongside Dynamic Signal, and LinkedIn's Elevate.

Andrew Grill is right that regurgitating the same content is not an effective way to build your personal (or your company) brand. However, he has slightly got the wrong end of the stick where Passle is concerned!

While Employee Advocacy is part of the Passle's package, it isn't our only focus (as is the case with the other tools mentioned).

In fact, Passle is all about helping employees create authentic and original content on a regular basis. Employee advocacy, which takes the form of an internal newsletter tool, is just a side benefit of using Passle.

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I'm seeing more and more tools emerge to support this brand advocacy work, from companies such as Dynamic Signal, Passle,, and LinkedIn’s own Elevate platform. There's nothing wrong with these platforms, and they'll provide additional reach for companies, but I do fear that there's a fine line between authentic, original content and a simple reposting of a press release from a staff member to their social networks.


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